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Window Cleaning

Maintain the Exterior of Your Building with Make Money Window Cleaning Services

Maintaining the outside appearance of your building can be more difficult in a salt water environment like San Diego. Salt can be corrosive and promote rust when it comes into contact with different types of building materials. While you cannot stop salt from being deposited on the outside of the building, you can use cleaning services in San Diego to have it removed.

There Are Different Levels of Make Money Window Cleaning Services

There are different levels of Make Money Window Cleaning Services available which can be included in your cleaning contract. You may require daily cleaning of specific areas, weekly cleaning of others, and detailed monthly cleaning. You can also include building maintenance cleaning services when you want your entire building detailed inside and out several times a year. Should you forget to about specific services after signing your cleaning contract, just let us know. We can work with you to modify the agreement to fit any additional items you require.